A Guide to

The Social Justice Advocate's Handbook

A Guide to Facilitation

From the creators of

  • The Safe Zone Project
  • It's Pronounced Metrosexual
  • Pride for All

What if facilitation didn’t have to be terrifying?

A Guide to Facilitation is a four-stop journey that will land you in a place where it isn’t. It’s the book about facilitation we wish we had when we started.

Section 1 introduces you to the basics that every facilitator should know (regardless of your audience, from kids in the woods to mid-level managers, we got you covered. Have you ever noticed how time magically flies by when you’re in the hands of a great facilitator? Sections 2 and 3 are a manual to help you unlock that magic. And Section 4 teaches you how to infuse yourself into all of it.

The book is written from a social justice perspective — meaning it’s accessible, inclusive, and intentional — by two educators who want you to benefit from their thousands of hours facilitating tough conversations. While nothing will replace practice, this book will catalyze the learning process.

Instead of feeling like you’ve been tasked with navigating to a hidden destination without a map, thrown into white water rapids with no raft, or on your own surrounded by judging-eyed strangers —this book is your map, your raft, and your ally. And it’s fun. Because truly, so is facilitation.

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Four Sections of the Book

This book will teach you...

The ins and outs of
Reading a group

Like a comedian reads their audience, anticipate what your group is wanting, thinking, feeling & then challenge them in just the ways they need.

Effective ways to navigate
privilege & identity

Understanding and working intentionally through the power dynamics in any interpersonal situation is tough, but pretending they don't exist is tougher.

To differentiate between
shame & guilt

And other important (but often conflated) differences like Facilitation vs. Teaching vs. Lecturing; Both/And vs. But; Acknowledging vs. Tokenizing; and more.

Approaches that enlighten you to
ask good questions

With the right understanding of a group and a few powerful questions in your back pocket, you can accomplish all the learning you need without ever ending a sentence with a period.

Strategies for mitigating
intragroup conflict

What happens when someone rejects every attempt at progress? Or if one member of a group attacks another? We'll confront and overcome many facilitators greatest fears.

To see through the magic & embrace the
nuance of facilitation

All of the tricks you need — the theoretical understanding, the practical application, and the resources and tools — to put on a great show, without pulling a rabbit out of a hat.


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Co-Authored by 2 Social Justice Educators

Who like co-creating things for you.

Meg and Sam are educators and facilitators whose mission is to help others create productive learning spaces. They are passionate about figuring out the most effective ways to have conversations about typically-difficult subjects like diversity, inclusion, and social justice. Two years ago they created The Safe Zone Project, a free repository of support and tools for folks who want to engage their communities in gender- and sexuality-focused learning. They’re thrilled to be putting their years of experience into words that will benefit others by bringing A Guide to Facilitation to the world.

Sam Killermann

Author of A Guide to Gender

Sam Killermann is a multi-disciplinary artist who puts his gifts toward the goal of global justice. He’s the creator of the social justice resource and show It’s Pronounced Metrosexual, author of A Guide to Gender, and half of S.E.X., an educational comedy show about sexuality. Sam is a highly-demanded keynote speaker, has delivered 3 TEDx Talks (including a popular one about gender), and is always dreaming up new social good projects in Austin, TX, where he counts himself lucky to live.

Meg Bolger

Founder of Pride for All

Meg Bolger is a “social justice kid” turned social justice facilitator and entrepreneur. She is the founder of Pride for All, an organization dedicated to engaging social justice education, and works to provide practitioners with tools and resources to spark their conversations about identity. As a self-proclaimed nomad and lover of tiny houses, Meg never tires of good laughs, good company, and good conversations.

Reactions to A Guide to Gender

The first Social Justice Advocate's Handbook by Sam Killermann

Amazon Review

★★★★★ This book should be in every school and every library

This book is just brilliant, it doesn't get nearly enough attention or appreciation! The way it's written is so easy to follow and fun to read with the perfect ratio of humour/seriousness and comics/text. A must-have for any social justice advocate.

Alexis F.

Amazon Review

Amazon Review

★★★★★ Spot on!

Looking for the right book to explain or understand gender identity, gender expression, and gender orientation from a social justice perspective, with a touch of humor, then you've chosen the right book.

Karen G.

Amazon Review

Amazon Review

★★★★★ Amazing Book

This book was the sum of all the genius I already knew Sam Killermann to be, compounded into one magical, myth-busting, magnificent, marvelous novel that I'm glad have the opportunity to read over and over again. Thank you Sam for your contributions to the quest for advocating social justice and your explanations (and doodles) that make this book informative, informational, and down-right fun to read.


Amazon Review